We went through some changes. The blog & I. Thanks for hanging with us.

Just a Colorado bae pursuing overall wellness. I believe in balance, patience (working on it,) a stack of waffles, and green juice. I believe in a pretty, nutrient dense plate of food, and the power of an outfit that speaks to your soul. Whether that’s yoga pants or my personal favorite, a canadian tuxedo. I believe in the universe, and you and I. I believe in vintage scarves and brunches that lead into nights spent with my best gals. I believe in running your ass off somedays and on other days just stretching and breathing. If you can make both happen, even better. I believe in the power of the word “no” and that loving yourself, putting yourself first, isn’t selfish. I believe in change, and growth, and being scared and excited all at the same damn time.  Here you’ll find recipes, ramblings, adventures, and an occasional stylish get up.

Pop in from time to time. Don’t be shy. I’m here to engage and connect and share. And just remember, I’ll always be wishing you well.